#it is not a true otp unless they have tried to kill each other at least once

…I’m thinking about all my OTPs and literally every single one of them has an attempt on each other’s life -______-

This slayed me. 


this literally made my morning so much brighter

I won’t lie, it made me think twice about changing banks…

Elie Saab Haute Couture F/W 2014-2015



this girl deserves an oscar

i have never related to anything more in my entire life

White parents. If this was my mom, the bowl, the spoon and the laundry would have been washed and dried by now.


As if you needed any more reason to be pumped about Fox’s Gotham

8 Striking Character Posters

Amazing posters. Not sure how I feel about the series but I am definitely gonna give it a chance. 


One of them it took only 200 episodes to do so…

The world is cute.

But she be Queen of the GALAXY. 

This I truly believe.